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Our Game Rules

Time's Running Out!

This experience is a 15 minute game of high pressure and intensity.
It is currently easy for 3 people and tricky for 2.

This game is designed for 2-3 players.
It can be played as an introduction to the industry, or to be played as a second game, or if you are in the area and just want to play a quick game before going to another event!

The Bomb Squad trainees have somehow managed to arm a bomb in the training facility. How on Earth did a real bomb make it into the Danger Room? As supervisors, you must enter the training room and disarm the bomb in 15 minutes, and hope to save everyone.

Villainous Virtuoso

This experience is currently on the easier side of our games, but requires a lot of team work and has stumped some experienced players..
This game requires a 4 person minimum, And is designed for 4-6 players.

You are a group of detectives who have gone to the home of a crazed magician to arrest him when you have been caught in a labyrinth of magical mayhem and you need to escape or be trapped forever.
Sim Sala Bim...Can't Catch Him!!

Welcome to the Black Rabbit

(Our Newest Game,  NOW OPEN)

The game is designed for 3 - 6 players.

You can Choose your own Difficulty of this game

Easier or Harder

The famous Minetta Tavern in New York City was known as the Black Rabbit during Prohibition. You hear that the tavern has a recipe for a high-quality whisky And as bootleggers,

you want to get your hands on it. John Gould left clues for the manager Eve to find the recipe he hid for her.
Sneak into the basement to find the recipe and don’t get caught.

(There is no real Alcohol in this game.)

Madame Phyllis' Parlour

This experience is currently ranked as a Medium Level Room:

This is a minimum 4 person game, but it is designed for 6-8 players.


You and your friends have decided to visit the local fortune teller Madame Phyllis. Upon entering her parlour, the Madame is nowhere to be found. What was to be a night of fun has turned into an exercise in saving your lives.

Isla de las Munecas (Doll Island)

This experience is ranked as medium difficulty. 

This experience is a 2-4 person game.
It will be horror themed and we suggest 18+ game players.
Hope you can see in the dark.

Your friend Adam has gone missing when he visited Doll Island for a paranormal investigation and now you enter the cabin on Doll Island to try and discover the whereabouts of your friend….But wait , what was that noise?

Spy Vs. Die 2.0

This room is currently ranked as intermediate, not based On Difficulty, but moreso on the amount of things needed to complete in the game.

This experience is designed for 3 - 8 Players.

You are spies and have received notice from your Leader known as "Father"
You have been told to meet at a business that is acting as a front for a CIA field office. In their message your given mission is to infiltrate the office and delete your information from the servers so you can continue your life of espionage, but something seems amiss.

You only have one hour to not. get. caught.....

The Castle Crown Affair
This Room does NOT look like this.

It is just a depiction of theme.

This experience is currently tricky and on the more more challenging side, but is beaten regularly by first time players.
This experience requires a 4 person minimum, but is designed for 6-8 players.

You are part of a thieves guild tasked with stealing the crown of King Lucius. You will need to break into the castle, before you can break out!!!!

Guess Who's Staying For Dinner?

This experience is currently Ranked as difficult.
This game is designed for 4-6 players but can be played with less or can physically hold more.

Imagine being invited to dinner by someone you thought You knew and trusted, only never being allowed to leave as everyone has secrets...

the subject matter is darker, think along the lines of a criminal minds story-line.

The Explorer's Study II

This room is currently ranked as an easier difficulty game:

Many first time escapees have been successful in the previous study as well as this one, Escape games are meant to be challenging. Great for all experience levels.

This experience is designed for 4-6 players but can be played with less or could hold more.

Dr. Mason Warwick is at it again! He has made some improvements to the security of his study, and when he invites you to go over some archaeological plans, who knew you would be in for a race to save your life! 

Speak Easy

This photo is just a depiction of theme. 

The game does NOT look like this.

This experience is our oldest game, closing soon and ranked somewhere in the Intermediate to Slightly More Difficult:

This experience is designed for 4-6 players but can be played with less or could physically hold more.

1927. The consumption, transportation and sale of alcohol are strictly prohibited. You are stuck in the back room of your friends establishment and found out someone called the coppers.
Find your way out before you get pinched!

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