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Corporate Packages and Rates



You may wonder, do Escape Games REALLY  help with teamwork or team building?

The answer is yes!

Escape Games give the avenue for people to work under a time constraint to solve a series of puzzles and complete an objective quickly, overcome obstacles and do it together.



Escape Games help employees to develop leadership skills. In most of our experiences there are multiple tasks to complete which may result in smaller groups breaking off and different people stepping up to solve different problems.


No matter how strong a team may be, we are all different! A team must learn to respect the way others think and to accept others' ideas. Our puzzles train people to think outside of the box, but more importantly, it trains them to be bold and speak out whatever idea they could think of to solve the puzzles.


Our experiences offer a wide variety of puzzles, ranging from tactile, visual, audible as well as sensory. This allows each member to showcase their specialty and hidden strengths! 




Off Hour Corporate bookings are for events that take place outside of our regular business hours.
100% payment is required on all off hour Corporate bookings.

For Groups:

1-9 People:      $40/person plus HST

10-19 People:  $38/person plus HST

20+ Players:    $35/person plus HST

For Groups with Board Game Add-on:

1-9 People:        $60/person plus HST

10-19 People:    $58/person plus HST

20+ Players:      $55/person plus HST
(Game selection will vary and is based on availability
& titles being discontinued or not.)


Contact us at 905-430-5625 to inquire about Facility Rental, Catering Packages or Team Building add-ons like Questionnaires, Personality tests, or Facilitators.


*Any previously quoted pricing 3 months before price changes will be honoured.

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