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What is an escape game?
An escape game is a live action adventure. You will be placed in a themed environment under the guise of being “locked in” for a set time as you work with your team to find clues, solve puzzles, open locks, and escape, or solve a mystery, or steal an item!

Do I have to pay for my entire group ahead of time?
Only on some of our special games like outdoor adventures or 15-minute games. Our booking system captures your credit card information in the case of a no-show, cancellations within 48 hours or intentional or severe damages to the game. If these situations occur, you will be charged 100% of the booking if within 24 hours or 50% of the booking if within 24-48 hours. If you cancel before 48 hours, you will not be charged. You don't pay when you make the booking, and your team can pay individually or as a group upon arrival. Extenuating circumstances will be dealt with on a case by case basis and is at the discretion of management. Off Hour Corporate bookings require a 100% down payment during reservation. School visit require a 50% down payment.

What happens if we are late for our game?
We require all players to arrive 15 minutes before their game begins to ensure it starts on time and so it does not affect the guests in the time slot after yours.
If you arrive late, the timer starts at the scheduled time or you may be moved to a different experience if there is a group reserved to play the same game in the following time slot. If no one is scheduled in the following time slot, we will try to give the whole amount of game time.

Are the doors locked?
The Ontario building code does not permit any business to lock people into a room without a way to exit. Either the main door is unlocked or we provide an emergency exit at all times for anything from emergencies to even washroom breaks. To see some of our rules click HERE​.

How long does the escape game take?
Most of our experiences are either 45 minutes or 60 minutes. We also have a 15-minute game and sometimes we have special games that could be longer or shorter.

How many people can play the escape game?
This depends on the game. Most games are designed for 4-6 players but can be played with as little as 2 (even 1 in some cases). Some of our games have player minimums and this is based solely on specific puzzles in the game requiring more people for teamwork, or if there is a substantial number of puzzles to complete.  Check out “Our Games” page to see player recommendations.
We do sometimes get asked if more people can fit in the game. It is allowed in certain experiences but not recommended.

If I book a game, will I be I be put in with people I don't know?
ALL of our games are private. 

Other COVID-19 Rules

Masks must be worn the ENTIRE TIME in our facility, over the
nose, under the chin, in common areas and washrooms. During gameplay, you will be permitted to remove your masks if you wish, however, masks must be worn when a staff member is in the game with you.  Cell phones can be stored behind the desk in sanitized containers, in your vehicles, or in our lockers.

What is the cost?
Our games have a base price for a minimum number of players depending on game requirements. Additional tickets are subject to additional admission charges. Please see the reserve tab for individual game pricing.
We have different prices for Children, Schools and for Off Hour Corporate rates. We suggest visiting the "
TEAM BUILD" Page on the website for Corporate Pricing. Children and School Rates can be obtained by emailing us or contacting us by phone.

Do you do birthday parties or other celebratory events?

All the time! Normally we do anywhere from 8 - 15 parties a week. We do not offer a party room at this time. For more information, please call or email us.


Are escape games scary?
For the most part, our games are family friendly, but we do often throw a scary or horror themed game into the mix of games we have here. We would suggest reading the game descriptions on the "Our Games" tab on this website.

Are there any age restrictions for playing a game?
We technically don’t have an age restriction. Some specific games may have a disclaimer for age appropriateness. The one age rule we do have is that ANY Experience where a game player is 15 or under there must be at least one adult that is 18 or older in the game as a paid participant.

Is your facility Accessible?
We are a physically accessible establishment.

Where are you located?
Just outside the heart of downtown Whitby. 1121 Dundas St East, Unit 9.
Whitby Ontario L1N-2K5. If you are driving from the east, exit the highway at Thickson Rd. If you are driving from the west, exit the Highway at Brock St.  Looking for places to eat or stuff to do afterwards, click

Do you take walk-ins?
We do. We still highly suggest making a reservation ahead of time as walk-ins can be turned away if the game they wanted is in use or we do not any games available at that time. You can reserve HERE.

Do you serve food or drinks?
We unfortunately, do not offer food or drinks, however there are many restaurants within walking distance or a short drive from our location.

Can we play the games drunk or high?

We have a zero tolerance policy for game players attempting to participate while under the influence of any mind-altering drug other than caffeine or prescribed medication. Our staff reserves the right to refuse anyone for any reason as we need to ensure the safety of all players and staff.

Zero Tolerance Policy
We have a zero tolerance policy for any person or group who harasses, abuses or is inappropriate with any of the Owners, Managers or Staff Members. Any group or persons who physically assaults, verbally assaults, or makes lewd, threatening or inappropriate comments towards any member of the Durham Escape Rooms Team will be asked to leave the premises and no refunds will be given. To see some of our rules click HERE.

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